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These videos explain the concepts underlying the Process Healing Treatment  Method. It starts with basic learning theory notions and then develops the constructs or structures used in the model of the personality. This is followed by the properties of the subconscious and the basic treatment interventions. Patients easily understand this model and it is useful in explaining treatment interventions. It is very respectful and works efficiently.

Note: YouTube automatically starts another movie. It may not be related to these 5 videos. If it is not the next Part or not related, stop the video and go back to this blog page to select the next Part.

Part 1 – Response – Reinforcement

Part 2 – Stimulus- Response – Reinforcement

Part 3 – Trauma Parts

Part 4 – The Subconscious

Part 5 – Basic Treatment

Part 6 – Basic Interventions

Download Chapter 3

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  1. you mentioned fields that can cause blocks to process healing. I had many attempts on my life while in the womb. I struggle with a lot of anger and fear from that as well as from punishments I received since for my behaviour. I have had a lot of inner healing and coucelling, so I can probably make progress on my own. How can I break through my fears and angers that I had from in the womb? It is also causing insomnia, since when I’m in a strong protection mode, I can’t sleep. My sleep used to be interrupted by violent scenes happening between my parents. I have felt that it was unfair to not have the right help, but still having the book thrown at me , so to speak, when I made mistakes. Please advise on what might help. I got triggered into this tonight, so I need to figure out how to break through. I appreciate any help you could give. Thanks,

    1. Dixie, If you look for a therapist, ask if they treat prebirth traumas and/or parts. Upload chapter 3 and read it carefully. If you can contact your subconscious and can get all parts on the treatment team, and teach the subconscious how to treat trauma, then you can work with your traumas by using your subconscious as a helper. If you can work with the subconscious, the subconscious can tell you if there are any fields attached to a trauma. The subconscious can treat the fields by smoothing off the pain and assisting them to leave. If your subconscious can treat issues, hold the intrusion in you thoughts and ask the subconscious if it is safe to treat the basis for the intrusion. If, Yes, ask her to do it. If you read my books, I will be willing to answer any questions you may have. Contact me back channel and let me know how it goes.

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  1. I am so excited to see you out here on the cyber-highway spreading the word on Process Healing!! Thank you for your willingness to share your brilliance!!

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About the Author

Flint alone HMS

Garry A. Flint, Ph. D. (retired) graduated from Indiana University specializing in learning theory (Skinner). After a postdoctoral fellowship, he got a job at Mendocino State Hospital. There he was in charge of setting up a behavior modification treatment program for alcoholics. The hospital closed and he became a co-owner of a group home for teenage girls. After changes in state laws, he moved on to become the Staff Psychologist at the County Mental Health Center for 6 1/2 years. Here, he treated the most difficult patients. In about 1982, he had a young patient who, in a 30-second sexual abuse situation, learned the problematic belief, “No one is going to tell me what to do.” Finding that such a common belief can be learned so quickly, he looked for faster ways to treat trauma. He took seminars in Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP (Master level), TFT (Diagnostic training), EMDR (Level I and II), TAT from Tapas, and EFT from Roger Craig. He ways then promoted to the Manager of a six bed, short-term, psychiatric health facility. He was there for two years. He opened a full-time private practice where he continued to treat difficult patients and carried out forensic evaluations.

His clinical experience and efforts to understand the structure of the personality resulted in these two books. His background in learning theory gave the basis for developing his theory of the personality. The resulting treatment approach is respectful and understandable to the patient and his or her inner world. This theory fits all patients; however, each patient is unique, so problemsolving is forefront in the treatment method. The main leverage for treatment is that all patients and personality parts want more happiness and less pain. This truism and protocols to manage and treat trauma without experiencing pain provides powerful treatment strategies to the therapist. Astute readers of these books treated their own and others issues with this treatment method.

About the Process Healing Blog Site

The Process Healing Method is a treatment intervention that is one of the most respectful and powerful therapies available. The reason  for this is that it respects all parts of the personality, gets permission from all  parts to teach the subconscious a treatment method, and treats without pain. It carefully addresses all considerations that parts have for receiving treatment, and joins the parts in a union with the main personality so that all parts experience running the body at the same time with no conflict. Treatment rests on the basic assumption, a truism, that all parts want more happiness and less pain.

 This site has blogs that explain the reason it is different from other therapies,  how it empowers that  patient, and changes the therapeutic relationship, and  suggests reasons for that make it difficult to learn. It also explains, a treatment interventions while answering questions readers offer.

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